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    Nylon feather yarn material
    Feel soft
    Warmth and aesthetics are unmatched by other yarns
    Whitening Moisturizing and whitening nourishment
    Soften horny to get rid of dryness
    Soothes fine lines and relieves fatigue
    Tender skin
    Suitable for the crowd:Dry and rough skin;Often touch the detergent;Long-term outdoor practitioners
    Notes:Washing temperature does not exceed 30 degrees
    Do not use bleach brighteners
    After drying, please tiled collection
    If there is gel adhesion, can be properly applied talcum powder
    Instructions:Bath or hot water soak hands and feet 15 minutes, wear for 30 minutes;With the corresponding skin care products, the effect is better
    High temperature resistant material
    (1) Novoloid, a new high-tech synthetic fiber that is non-melting, flame resistant and temperature resistant, resistant to temperatures up to 1100 ° C, soft and comfortable, and resistant to many chemical attacks, even after repeated washes Its high temperature performance.
    (2) Kevlar – is a widely used aromatic synthetic fiber, not only cut resistant, but also high temperature damage.
    (3) Aluminized material – radiant heat resistant to higher temperatures.
    (4) leather – if kept dry, has good low temperature resistance, while its non-melting, non-burning features make it often used to make welding gloves.
    (5) Cotton – a natural material that protects against high and low temperatures. However, due to meet the protection requirements, gloves made thicker, flexibility is not good enough.
    Gloves material for mechanical injuries
    (1) Wire – common stainless steel wire, there are chrome wire, mainly used to make cut resistant gloves. This kind of material has the strongest cutting resistance and is easy to clean, but it is heavy and inconvenient to use.
    (2) Synthetic yarns such as Kevlar, Spectra, etc. – are also good synthetic cut resistant materials. Although they are not as resistant to cutting as metal wires, they are lightweight, comfortable to use, and have been improved and processed. Some products are also resistant to cut products The highest standard.
    (3) Nitrile (with fabric lining) – Anti-wear and anti-puncture performance, flexible and comfortable to use.
    (4) Natural latex (with fabric lining) – Excellent flexibility, particularly flexible, with some abrasion, tear and cut resistance.
    (5) PVC (with fabric lining) – can provide some wear and puncture protection, if the material is thick, but also can have some anti-cutting ability, but not tear-resistant.
    (6) Leather – natural material, through a variety of tanning treatment, has a unique performance. Skin can be divided into: leather, which has the advantages of comfortable, durable, breathable wear-resistant, chrome torn treatment, more durable, but also resistant to high temperatures; pigskin, large pores, the best breathability, after washing can still be very good Of the soft, but will not harden; sheepskin, is the most comfortable, most durable and anti-wear the best performance, but because the price is too expensive, generally only used in the touch of the higher industry demand.
    when the color number to provide guests, we have to dye.
    buy Beauty Gloves

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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