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    HK STAMFORD Alternators Windings And Electric Features:
    All the generator stators adopt high magnetic conductibilityenergy cold rolling silicon steel plate to fold up, double winding,firmly structure ,good insulating. Continuous damp windingsabate surges. The poles and gears of the windings arecarefully chosen and this helps to check the wave distortion ofoutput voltage.
    Phong Interference: THF (defined by BS EN 60034-1) <2%. TIF (definedby NEMA MG1-22) < 50
    Radio Interference: Brushless apparatus and quality AVR ensure little radiointerference in transmission. RFI noise filter is also available.
    Insulation Level: Insulation class H
    All the reghlatory components are made up with special materials, also immersed in lacquer by peculiar tech. varnishand colophony materials are developed to strengthen theprocessing and machinery intensity of windings and revolvingparts for protecting the generator work under corrosive environment.

    ●Power range: 360kw-640kw
    ●Brushless Synchronous A. C. Alternator,
    ●Stamford Type of Electric Generator,
    ●Three Phase optional, IP22, Class H,
    ●Rated voltage 400V, 110V-690V for option
    ●Three phase, single phase for option
    ●50Hz/1500rpm and 60Hz/1800rpm for option
    ●Drip-leak-proof structure: IP22/23 protection class
    ●Insulation class H
    ●Adjusting rate of stable voltage≤ 1%
    ●Transient state voltage≤ -15% – +20%
    ●Wave aberration rate of voltage THD≤ 3%
    ●Telephone harmony wave factor of telephone THF≤ 2%
    MBKL HK STAMFORD Brushless Alternator Raw Materials:
    MBKL HK STAMFORD Brushless Alternator Production Details:
    MBKL HK STAMFORD Brushless Alternator Packing Details:
    MBKL HK STAMFORD Brushless Alternator Accessories:
    MBKL HK STAMFORD Brushless Alternator Batched Orders:
    Contact InformationChina Brushless Alternator suppliers

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