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    Goods Name:Surgical Cotton Zigzag
    Main and details Pictures see attachment
    Unit Prices: $0.025~4 / pc
    Basic Parameter:
    Goods descriptionSURGICAL COTTON ZIGZAG
    is made of 100%cotton material by bleaching and absorbent. Its property conforms to absorbent cotton roll of European pharmacopoeia standard.Single use for Clinic, Dental, Nursing Homes and Hospitals.
    Material composition100% cotton firber
    processBleached by pure H2O2
    Modelzigzag , individual pack in paper or polybag
    Products Size50g,100g,125g,200g,250g,350g,400g,454g,500g
    Immersion TimeBelow 5 S
    Soluble Solution in EtherNo high than 0.40%
    Sulphidic AshesBelow 0.35%
    Acidity or AlcalinityWeak pink coloration can be accepted
    Fluorescence of 365mmWeak violet fluorescence
    Tensio-Active SubstancesNo higher than 1.5mm
    Starch & DextrineAbsence
    WhitenessHigher than 84
    *Other dimensions and package can be discussed
    1.Sufficient bleaching and cleaning time, no primary harmful substances residue.
    2.shelf life up to 5 – 7 years
    3.Raw material traceability system, to ensure social responsibility
    1.all packaging products without any damage, printing content without error, there is a strict validity limit.
    2.all indicators of the product are completely consistent with the description in the specification.
    3.the appearance of all OEM products intellectual property rights, are strictly authorized by the customer then arrange the final production, to ensure that no leak of commercial secrets.
    4.we ensure that all cotton products are stored in the cool, dry, constant temperature environment.
    Transportation by sea ,air , truck, express
    1.Q:What’s your best price please?
    Mcknight: we will give you best prices as you wanting. but it must be reasonable to both sides and never lead one time cooperation . so we suggest customers must know our market well then decide to choose safe price for long term business.
    2.Q: What advise will you give all new coming customers?
    Mcknight: Don’t covet cheap things and blindly trust big scale company
    find a growing company and young boss with good education background.
    3.Q:Why is Mcknight Medical is best choice for procurement?
    Mcknight:We focus on high quality goods for continuous order and CE ,ISO13485 certificate passed
    also you can consign us to purchase others medical consumable because our boss have enough purchase experience and famous lawyers and sales team. Our relationship will help you deal with bad manufacturers and shoddy products.
    4.Q: Can we make friends except our business?
    Mcknight: Sure. Chinese economic and political environment is very complicated to any importers . our boss hope making business and friends together.
    1.Our factory can send free samples to all customers to do registration and checking quality .
    2.our team will response at once by e-mail or cellphone communication App once receiving customer’s inquiries.
    3.100 % recall system for all problem products. Follow the source, issue a formal third-party investigation report to the customer.Cotton Zigzag manufacturers

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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