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    Solar powered sidewalk lights-Best outdoor solar sidewalk lights for sale
    Shop online NOMO Apollo series solar powered sidewalk lights
    unique design ,manufacture and install solar lighting for the illumination of streets, parks, walkways, jetties and a variety of other public and commercial spaces.
    Our stand alone solar powered sidewalk lights offers the following benefits:
    Engineered for high wind areas
    Multiple options from 30W through to 120W
    Fully automatic operation
    Compnents are modular for easy future replacement and maintenance
    Solar panels and outreach arms swivel 360 degrees to suit site conditions.
    Solar panel, battery, controller are integrated in one case , no need dig hole and burry the battery under the ground.
    Adjustable panel angle facing.
    Our solar sidewalk lights offers the following benefits:
    eliminates expensive mains cable installation costs
    eliminates any associated electricity bills
    increases public safety and aids in providing a safe working environment in areas where mains power is difficult to access
    fully automatic operation.
    high quality construction and components
    designed for easy servicing and maintenance where required.
    System Operation
    Solar panels mounted on the top of the pole convert sunlight into electricity which is used to charge a LiFePO4 battery.
    A solar controller ensures that the battery is charged in the most effective manner and not overcharged. The controller senses when the sun goes down and turns on the light.
    The controller can be programmed to run the light all night, or for the required time duration. The controller also protects the battery from over discharge.
    Solar sidewalk lights have beatiful and compact design, which has longer working hours and high brightness .
    Best outdoor solar powered sidewalk lights can also with smart control and manage system. (optional)
    1. Battery :Charge , discharge and DOD , over load, over current for the cleaning system
    2.System Function : Through the solar street light intelligent management systems and wireless control module on the street unified management, to achieve the lighting remote monitoring , real-time monitoring , intelligent control , energy saving performance
    3. Management : Monitoring the working status for the street lighting system at real-time.
    4. Alarm : Displaying any fault of lighting problem and alarm information.
    5. Display : Electronic map display position control terminal , lights. 6. Operation : Lights can be operated, time control , light control, dimming and charging and discharging control , status for the real-time display lights, solar panels , battery information.
    Real time remote monitoring and management
    Smart Planning tasks
    Email,SMS message,intelligent Early-warning
    GOOGLE map Control of latitude and longitude
    Data Generating curve statistics
    User permissions
    Generating curve statistics
    Location function of geographic information

    If you want to know more information about solar powered sidewalk lights, please feel free to contact us for more details.
    We have around 10 years experience in manufacturing solar all in one street light , so far we have done projects in usa, uk , mexico,parts of africa , parkistan , EU and many other countries .
    Production line :

    We focus on high quality solar street light production and sale , we always use the best qulaity LED chip , Top Level lifepo4 battery , high efficency solar panel more than 21.5% and mppt controller to manufacturer the best ever integrated solar street lights in the world .
    road street light solar suppliers

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