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    KST Series Automatic Stop-cylinder Screen Printing Machine
    KST series automatic stop-cylinder screen printing machine is upgrade models from Rotary Cylinder Printing Machine in recent years. This kind of machine has adopted classical “Stop-cylinder (360°)” printing movement instead of the original “reciprocating movement(180°)”. Therefore, it not only ensures the paper accurate position before scratch- printing, but also reduce the producing waster rate. Besides, there is little impact with such high speeds and revolving, which also improves the register precision.
    The machine adopts casting frame, variable frequency speed motor drive, PLC control, constant pressure squeegee, squeegee angle adjustment mechanism with constant center position, and centralized lubrication system to make the operation of the machine more convenient and flexible.
    The key components are processed by imported precision machine tools, and the key components are imported directly from abroad, ensuring the unique design and reliable representation of the corresponding functions.
    The machine is suitable for soft or semi-soft materials (paper, white paper, transfer paper, etc.), suitable for printing on ceramic decals, cigarette labels, gift boxes, lottery tickets, PVC plastics, etc.
    It is ideal for printing high-end products for the packaging and decoration industry, the advertising industry (coated paper, board paper, cardboard, self-adhesive paper, polyethylene, polyester, polypropylene printing and partial UV glazing), decal printing industry (printing of ceramics, glass, lottery, enamel, etc.) and electronics industry (soft circuit version, printing of flexible membrane switches)
    ★ Printed line ≦ 10mm, the cost of paper saved for one year is equivalent to the value of this equipment
    ★ Adopt mechanical and pneumatic squeegee mechanism to make the squeegee pressure constant, which can effectively solve the problem of printing ink stick
    ★ Configurable dust removal and electrostatic device, fully suitable for plastic card printing
    ★The main transmission part adopts automatic centralized lubrication system
    ★Screen frame can be pulled out directly for easy cleaning and replacing of screen plate.
    ★ Independent paper delivery device for connection to the corresponding UV curing machine or hot air dryer
    ★New designed sheet press plate, brush&nylon roller and sheet transfer board with vacuum air suction, which ensure smooth sheet-transfer, especially to very thin printing substrate.
    Technical Parameter:
    Max. Sheet Size (mm)720×5101050
    Min. Sheet Size (mm)350×270560×350
    Max. Printing Size (mm)720×5001050×740
    Sheet thickness (g/m2)100-35090-420
    Printing Speed (p/h)1000-3600500-4000
    Total Power(kw)8.39.8
    Total Weight(kg)38005500
    Exterior Dimension(mm)3500×2360×16003750×3066×1717
    Featured Pictures:
    Control Panel
    Screen Frame Direct Pull-out
    Printing Cylinder
    Sheet Outlet Board
    Ink Plate
    Front Pick-up FeederScreen Printing Machine

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